Seal Tortie Point Colorpoint Shorthair Female
Born September 26, 2008

"Bella" is Penny’s only daughter from her first litter. She was born second in a litter of two and survived her brother. Bella soon became the mad obsession of Penny and was loved in a way that makes you believe in love all over again.  Nothing made me smile more than observing the devotion Penny demonstrated towards that new little creature.  She would take her in her arms and hug her and the look on Penny’s face was utter rapture.

Bella soon took on the typical characteristics of an only child. Whatever she wanted, she received from one of us and quickly developed a “me too” attitude.

Bella matured into a beautiful and sleek adolescent with a long graceful neck and gorgeous profile. She has a very friendly and outgoing spirit. She loves to run up to you and jump on your shoulder, which for the most part is great except when your back happens to be turned.

Penny and I both shared the first time experience of the pregnancy process and raising a kitten through all the kitten stages to adulthood. I learned a lot about what to do right and where there could be improvements in the future.  It was an invaluable lesson.

In honor of Penny’s first kitten, we named Bella “Half Penny” and she truly is …

Bella became our first "home grown" Grand Champion in December 2009. .

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