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I love to take photos of my cats. Here are some of my favorites.


Faith and Pinky's recent litter.  All in pink...

"Monster" being hand fed as a small kitten...

Keegan hanging with "Monster" and his brother...

Keegan in his favorite lounging position...

Best Buddies forever …

Penelane "BE"
"I love spaghetti"

Penelane "Funny Face" aka Audrey enjoying her wrap!

The Troops!

Stefan and Be

Penelane boys - Ivan, Pinky and Stefan…

Pinky with four of his daughters - Pippers, BE, Audrey and Darcy...

GC Hiway Ivan of Penelane - eating his grand
celebration treat at Cotton States show...

Lana, expecting ...

Penny in the lanai

Penny and Chili - "Soul Sisters"

Bella's Baby Girl Ruby

Chili Pepper!

Chili and Bella, chilling ...

Penny with baby Bella

Goofy Bella

Contemplative Bella

Bathtime for Chili's baby

The girls celebrate Penny's second birthday

Penny and Bella explore the pool

Six cats in one bed?

Master Yoda ponders the vastness at Christmas....

Bella covers Penny with a Happy Tail Hat

Lana inhales her favorite orchid

Penny and Chili's Babies

"Pinky" and Chili help Bella mind the babies

Pinky gives Johnny a new "do"

Show Boat and All About Eve

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