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~ Updated July 24, 2020 ~

I would like to welcome you to Penelane Cattery …

Our small cattery in the Tampa Florida area was officially registered in 2008, but my love affair with the Colorpoint Shorthairs and Siamese cats formally began in the early summer of 2007 when I attended my first CFA cat show.

I was observing the cats in the show ring and throughout the aisles at a CFA show in Florida. I walked up to a cage where a kitten was housed and just stopped as something drew me to the little face staring up at me. It was a feeling of silent connection, one of those moments in time where a bond occurred. The kitten did not move for the longest moment as we stared at each other and then all of a sudden she welcomed me with festive chirps and animated legs and paws … just love. That was my introduction to Penny, my first Colorpoint Shorthair.

GC Melkatz Copper Penny of Penelane
Red Point Colorpoint Shorthair Female
CFA's Second Best Colorpoint Nationally 2007-08
Southern Region's Best Colorpoint 2007-08

I showed GC Melkatz Copper Penny of Penelane to her Grand Champion status that 2007 – 2008 show season. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. I am thankful to many, but especially to Penny with her fantastic disposition.

The name Penelane Cattery is in honor of Penny as
she is the first and the matriarch of our clan. 

GC, GP, RW Penelane Jedi Master Yoda
Red Lynx Point (top)
GC, BW, NW Penelane "Pinky" Pinkerton
Cream Point (right)
GC Penelane Johnny Rocket
Red Point (left)

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