2011-2012 - National Winner - 9th Best Cat

Cream Point Colorpoint Shorthair Male
Born: September 24, 2010

CFA’s Ninth Best Cat for the 2011-12 show season was GC, BW, NW Penelane “Pinky” Pinkerton, a cream point Colorpoint Shorthair male bred and owned by Michele Lukic.

I was blessed with three kittens of which I could not decide which to keep and show during the 2011 - 2012 show year. These kittens were from two breedings to Penelane girls out of the wonderful GC Katsmith Dream On. I showed all three kittens against each other and had a wonderful time seeing how they fared in competition. Some weekends it was literally a toss up. The kitten that I had my eye on was a very refined almost female looking cream point boy that I had named “Pinky”.

When “Pinky” was born with his other cream and red brothers, all you could see was a sea of white kittens. Popping up from this mass of fur however was one very small and very pink little nose. There was an aura about this striking kitten that just drew me to him. He had an essence of something I could not put into words and that face was just magic.  

“Pinky” and his half brother GC Penelane Johnny Rocket granded on the same weekend early in the show season in Florida. I then made the decision to move forward with “Pinky”. I was encouraged by several of my kooky friends to try my hand at Garden State. We went for fun and with a very open mind on what to expect. Oh boy, that is what started it, one weekend just lead to another and another.

“Pinky” just kept doing better and better. He was a natural and seemed to enjoy it for the most part or at least put up with it all. He did have a lot to say however while being judged.  I have many videos of his wins this past year and in not one does he ever keep his mouth shut and this includes his very last ring where he stopped talking and just yawned.

I am so proud of “Pinky’s” accomplishments this year. “Pinky” is only the third Colorpoint Shorthair cream point to receive a National Win in Championship. “Pinky” finished as the highest ranking Colorpoint Shorthair National Winner in history and the only Colorpoint Shorthair to finish in the top ten. Colorpoint Shorthairs are a minority breed and I hope “Pinky’s” accomplishments will bring more focus to this wonderful breed in the future.

My thanks and heartfelt appreciation go to my partner “Pinky” for his class, style and the unbelievable kindness he always seemed to muster during our many adventures. I believe that “Pinky” may have traveled in or on all forms of known transportation during his campaign and did so with great patience. I love you “Pinky”.

My gratitude and thanks also go out to all my friends for their enthusiastic support and especially to Bob Baratto who never ceased to provide encouragement and mental fortitude during our daily  ‘sanity check’ phone calls. I am also very lucky to have met many new friends over the last year and I am thankful to the judges that were so kind to “Pinky”. I have the memories, the pictures and the videos of many of “Pinky’s” high points during the year and I will never forget them.    

Here is to the hope that many more Colorpoint Shorthairs follow in Pinky’s footsteps ...

Pinky honored on the cover of the
2012 Cotton States Show catalogue

Pinky in Gary Powell's Ring - Best Cat


Pinky winning Best Cat in Carla Bizzell's ring...


Pinky - Best Cat - Kathy Black's ring


Pinky - Best Cat - David Mare's ring


Pinky - Best Cat in Teresa Keiger's ring

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