Red Point Colorpoint Shorthair Female
Born March 5, 2007
CFA's Second Best Colorpoint Nationally 2007-08
Southern Region's Best Colorpoint 2007-08

Penny was a beautiful kitten with brilliant blue expressive eyes and
a quirky happy character…

Penny and I began our show careers in September 2007. Penny had a short kitten season as she was over six months old when we attended our first CFA show. We were both “newbies”, so we used our time to learn the ropes and get comfortable in our environment. Penny’s sweet disposition made her a natural in the show ring and it was a pleasure to show her.

She always greeted the judges with a beautiful pose and her non-stop purring; no one was spared. Some special judges even received her signature neck hug.

(Photo above left: Penny at her last kitten show, with judge Darrell Newkirk, and
photo right: at her first show as a grand in Boca Raton with judge Doug Myers.)

Penny is into stretching and yoga ...

Penny greeted her first year birthday with her usual gusto … being an avid
“foodie”, she was very enthusiastic about consuming her birthday cupcake …


Penny with her first kitten, “Bella”; aka Penelane Half Penny …

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